Basic Computer Introduction for Teachers

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Check Out the New Blog It’s important for educators to start with computer basics in order to best understand technology. And the first step is to develop a familiarity with the machine that they are primarily working on.

The computer you’re using right now is likely either a Mac or a PC. How do you know the difference between a Mac and a PC and why does it matter? The most basic difference is that a Mac is any computer made by Apple and a PC is any computer NOT made by Apple. Some examples of a PC are Dell, Gateway, and HP. By the way, “PC” is an acronym that initially stood for “Personal Computer.” This was the term years ago to denote a “newer and smaller” machine that could actually fit on a person’s desk.

The machine you’re using is also either a desktop or a laptop. The main difference between a desktop and a laptop is that a laptop is much smaller and can be moved from place to place very easily, while a desktop is made to stay in one place. Are you using a laptop, a desktop or both (maybe one at home and the other at school)?

From Professional Learning Board’s online continuing education course for teachers: Introduction to Technology for Teachers

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