SELF-STUDY: Building School-wide Initiatives (5 hours)

“Develop effective school-based initiatives to impact student learning on a larger scale.”
All schools want their students to succeed, but they can only make a lasting difference when they focus on specific goals and strategies for change. School improvement planning is a process through which schools set goals for improvement, and make […]

SELF-STUDY: English Language Learners in the Classroom (5 hours)

“Equip teachers with strategies to engage English Language Learners in the classroom.”
Facilitate optimal learning in the classroom by helping English Language Learners feel validated. This online PD course includes various strategies and methods that teachers can adopt to help English learners effectively adapt to an English school and curriculum. Teachers are […]

SELF-STUDY: Common Core: Raising Academic Achievement (5 hours)

“Discover and explore interventions to help struggling students succeed in literacy and math standards.”
In the past, students who were failing were often sent for special education services whether or not they really needed it. However, the education system today aims to help all students succeed in the general educational setting. In […]

SELF-STUDY: Guided Reading (5 hours)

“Explore effective Strategies to Scaffold Literacy Learning through guided Reading”
Guided reading proves to be one of the most effective tools, not only to improve a student’s fundamental reading skills, but also to develop high level comprehension skills. The teacher’s role in guided reading is to provide support, but the ultimate goal […]

SELF-STUDY: Action Research for School Improvement (5 hours)

“Have you wondered how you can bring about change or improvement in certain educational issues that are close to your heart? Have you also sometimes wished to find solutions to real everyday problems you have encountered in your teaching practice?”
Using research as a tool to bring about change is a key […]

SELF-STUDY: Preparing College & Career Ready Students (5 hours)

“How can teachers prepare students to be college and career ready?”
Prepare your students for a successful college and career using a range of research-based readiness strategies. Most students aspire to go to college and make a successful career, but few know what it takes to reach their goal. The tools, templates, […]

SELF-STUDY: Project Management for Students through Project-based Learning (5 hours)

“Explore project-based learning as a successful way to develop project management skills in your students.”
Project management encompasses a range of skills that are highly prized in the world today and include – research, collaboration, communication, leadership, problem-solving and cooperation. For the education system to truly fulfill its purpose of preparing students […]

SELF-STUDY: Language Acquisition (5 hours)

“The techniques and strategies in this course have given me an extensive toolkit to use with English Language Learners in my classroom.”

Delve into theories of the language acquisition process, and uncover practical ways for teachers to help English language learners understand lesson content. Through the strategies and information provided in […]

SELF-STUDY: Classroom Management (10 hours)

“Manage your classroom effectively and optimize students’ learning experiences”
Even the best of teachers, with the noblest intentions are often weighed down by the combination of all the responsibilities and expectations on them. Through this online course package, examine how teachers can effectively manage the biggest components of their teaching duties through […]

SELF-STUDY: Common Core Assessment and Evaluation (10 hours)

“Equip teachers to make accurate assessments of students’ learning needs, and plan targeted interventions.”
Successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is rooted in being able to identify the areas where students need support most, through effective processes of evaluation and assessment. This online course package, provides practical solutions for […]

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