SELF-STUDY: Project Management for Students through Project-based Learning (5 hours)

““Explore project-based learning as a successful way to develop project management skills in your students.”
Project management encompasses a range of skills that are highly prized in the world today and include – research, collaboration, communication, leadership, problem-solving and cooperation. For the education system to truly fulfill its purpose of preparing students […]

SELF-STUDY: Language Acquisition (5 hours)

“The techniques and strategies in this course have given me an extensive toolkit to use with English Language Learners in my classroom.”

Delve into theories of the language acquisition process, and uncover practical ways for teachers to help English language learners understand lesson content. Through the strategies and information provided in […]

SELF-STUDY: Classroom Management (10 hours)

“Manage your classroom effectively and optimize students’ learning experiences”
Even the best of teachers, with the noblest intentions are often weighed down by the combination of all the responsibilities and expectations on them. Through this online course package, examine how teachers can effectively manage the biggest components of their teaching duties through […]

SELF-STUDY: Common Core Assessment and Evaluation (10 hours)

“Equip teachers to make accurate assessments of students’ learning needs, and plan targeted interventions.”
Successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is rooted in being able to identify the areas where students need support most, through effective processes of evaluation and assessment. This online course package, provides practical solutions for […]

SELF-STUDY: Core Academic Instruction (10 hours)

“Explore practical strategies to bring the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and educational research findings into your classroom in meaningful and effective ways.”
To help students improve in academic achievement, develop an attitude of learning and acquire the skills needed for the demands of the workplace and real life situations, educators […]

SELF-STUDY: Enhancing Classroom Instruction (10 hours)

“Do you wonder how you could transform your teaching to benefit your students more?”
Through this two part online PD course package, explore various key concepts and practices to support the implementation of Common Core standards into their teaching. Educators are constantly on the look out for practical ways to enhance their […]

SELF-STUDY: Public Speaking for Teachers (5 hours)

“Discover successful strategies to enhance your public speaking skills, and communicate effectively with your audience”

A competent and resourceful teacher must be able to effectively relate to and communicate with students, the school community, peers, parents and even school support structures such as the school board or the PTA. However, most teachers […]

SELF-STUDY: Examining and Evaluating Student Work (5 hours)

“Explore successful strategies to carefully evaluate student work and enhance teaching practices”

21st century students must have more than just textbook knowledge. Evaluating student learning goes beyond merely grading papers. Both schools and teachers need to intentionally move toward assessing students’ understanding, and then use this insight to enhance teaching and learning […]

SELF-STUDY: Classroom Collaboration (5 hours)

“Cultivate a collaborative environment in the classroom.”

Implement collaborative learning in classrooms and develop successful learners. This framework enables teachers to recognize characteristics of collaborative classrooms, be aware of student and teacher roles, and practice group activities as an essential part of the classroom. Teachers are introduced to school-wide policy reforms in […]

SELF-STUDY: Apps for Education (5 hours)

“How can you use apps to engage and teach your students with greater success?”

Integrate Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR model with Alan November’s work on Transformative Learning to find the best apps to educate YOUR students. The integration of apps into education, may seem like a natural product of the times. However, successfully […]

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