SELF-STUDY: Apps for Education (5 hours)

“How can you use apps to engage and teach your students with greater success?”

Integrate Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR model with Alan November’s work on Transformative Learning to find the best apps to educate YOUR students. The integration of apps into education, may seem like a natural product of the times. However, successfully […]

SELF-STUDY: Flipping Classrooms (5 hours)

“Explore how you can use technology to effectively ‘flip’ your classroom and enhance your students’ learning experience”

Harness technology to enhance students’ learning by examining successful strategies to “flip” classrooms. The flipped classroom approach prioritizes students’ needs beyond traditional teaching styles, while challenging teachers to employ innovative instructional methods. Students are encouraged […]

SELF-STUDY: Inquiry-based Learning (5 hours)

“Guide students into discovering and creating knowledge for themselves.”
Preparing teachers for 21st century students requires a close look at what it means to teach and learn in increasingly networked, technology-rich, digital classrooms. Schools and teachers need to thoughtfully and intentionally design learning environments and tasks in which teachers explore issues that […]

SELF-STUDY: IEPs: Documentation and Implementation for Teachers (5 hours)

“The Individualized Education Program (IEP) is the cornerstone of special education.”

The goal of this course is to help teachers understand the IEP process and build the teachers comfort level in developing, aligning with and carrying out the IEP through rich examples and templates to help teachers understand and practically use the […]

SELF-STUDY: Classroom Organization for the 21st Century (5 hours)

“Good classroom organization starts with YOU!”
Good teaching is both an art and a science. It requires a significant amount of planning, research, preparation, evaluation, and a whole lot of creativity. However, that doesn’t mean teachers need to sacrifice their personal and family life for education. The key to “doing it all” […]

SELF-STUDY: Suicide Prevention (5 hours)

“Suicide Prevention starts in your classroom.”
With teen suicides on the rise, suicide prevention is an important issue and teacher awareness is crucial. This course helps teachers understand suicide and how it can be prevented. Teachers will learn to identify early signs of suicide ideations and will be equipped with basic tools […]

SELF-STUDY: Accommodations through UDL (5 hours)

“Universal Design for Learning is a research-based approach to accommodating every learner.”
Teaching each and every student effectively is never easy. It is next to impossible to find a classroom full of students with the same needs, learning levels and abilities. Teachers are faced with the challenge of teaching a diverse group […]

SELF-STUDY: Reading through Technology in the Classroom (5 hours)

“Use technology to make reading more interesting, interactive, and fun.”
Reading is an essential skill that is central to education. In today’s classroom, students use and access information from a variety of sources, not just books. The skills of evaluating content, collaboration and peer-review become an important part of reading.
This course introduces […]

Self-Study : Curriculum Development (5 hours)

“How should the 21st century curriculum be conceptualized?”

Traditional curriculum cannot always keep up with the challenges of the educational needs in today’s dynamic world. Hence, it is essential to redesign the curriculum. This course highlights the fact that each and every educator has the responsibility to contribute, even in small ways, […]

SELF-STUDY: Spanish for Educators (5 hours)

“Learn to effectively manage a classroom of ‘Spanglish’ speakers.”
Course Description:
A classroom is a place where all students must feel accepted and involved. Non-Spanish speaking teachers may need to make an  extra effort to involve Spanish-speaking students in the classroom. Learning to communicate with students in their language is one way to […]

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