How do I present Information on a Classroom Bulletin Board?

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A classroom bulletin board can be used as a tool to encourage students in their work.A line is the continuous movement of a point along a surface and has length, thickness and direction. It spans a distance between two points by taking any form along the way. In two dimensional art work, lines may be implied and also used as marks or outlines defining a shape.

Visual lines may be horizontal or vertical and are used to place work that needs to be displayed on the bulletin board. An implied line is the path taken by the viewer’s eye along the shapes, colors and forms within the bulletin board.

Students’ work should be placed deliberately, connected by an invisible implied line such that people’s eyes flow across the board. These lines should bring the viewer’s eye into the display and carefully direct them across the display as you would like them to see it.

The placement of information on the classroom bulletin board, thus, should be intentional. While placing information, keep in mind what you have learned about visual lines. Place the most important information at a place where students are most likely to see it.

Information must be clear and easy to read. Make sure you use dark colored lettering on a light background as this is the most effective way to present reading material on a bulletin board.

Typed out information will make your board neater, as well as easier to read than hand written information. If you are using a word processing software like Microsoft word, you can create invisible text boxes to make sure that the text is in the size and format you need them to be in.

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