Special Memories in the Classroom

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Special memories in the classroomMemories are precious and yet in our busy worlds, we hardly find time for them. Think about what you are doing this week with your students, what you did last month, or two months ago. The creative learning, field trips, activities and interactions will soon just be memories.

I recently read about someone who created a “memory box” or a time capsule to hold on to little memories. I thought about how we might use this concept in the classroom. Put a memory box in the class, and encourage kids to place things in it that would remind them of something exciting, fun or special that happened during the year. It might be small craft projects, a souvenir from a field trip, photos from a class activity or a special book that the class enjoyed. At the end of the school year, take some time to open the memory box and relive those special times again as a class.

What are some other ideas that you have used to preserve special memories in the classroom?

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