Teacher Resources & Links

Following is a very assorted list of teacher resources and links.

The Hero Factory
Create your own Super Hero!

Music Activities and Arts Integration Lessons
If you’re interested in connecting music to other areas of the curriculum, this page is for you! It contains links to free arts integration resources, multimedia activities, and homemade instrument projects. Enjoy!

Geography Games For Kids

Free Memory Tools For Kids

The World of Miamiopia – An Educational Virtual World For Kids

The World of Miamiopia is where balloons go when they escape from the hands of a human. Once here, these balloons seek to improve themselves by learning as much as they can about the world around them. Each building in Miamiopia is filled with learning games.

Free Math Games For Kids

A free math resource designed by teachers, specifically for students and children of all ages. A place where students can practice all aspects of math, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, in a fun way.

Armored Penguin

Create Puzzles including word match, scrambles, crosswords and much more!


Create custom cards, calendars, photo books, and more in minutes. Just get your photos and you’re on your way!

Kid’s Poetry Page

Math Interactivities


Origami – Hopping Frog


More Origami


Brain Games

From Professional Learning Board’s online continuing education course for teachers: Web Technology for Teachers

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