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English GrammarI’ve been speaking English my whole life. Reading and writing since I was about 5 years old. And yet, I find that I still have a lot I can learn.

Did you know?

  • The commonly used  phrase “Five items or less” is actually wrong. It should be “Five items or fewer.”
  • A lot of people use affect and effect incorrectly. The sentence “This medicine will not have any affect” is wrong and should be “This medicine will not have any effect.” The word affect is used as follows: “The change in policy will affect everyone.”
  • Another set of words people often use in the wrong way is ensure and insure. The correct use would be “We must ensure that we drink plenty of water.” And, “I will insure my cellphone this year.”

An exercise like this one reminds us that it’s so easy to make repeated mistakes over and over again without even realizing them.

This week, I challenge you to brush up on your English grammar.

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