FACILITATED: RTI Using Metaphors to Change Behavior (15 clock hours)

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Unique early intervention strategies show how metaphors and visual cues can be used to promote a change in behavior as well as to teach students to become aware of their actions.

Participants are challenged to think creatively and will be given the tools to individualize and apply the motivating intervention strategies.

Case Study results using verbal and visual metaphorical cueing strategies show positive outcomes for 80% of the behavior referrals. Of particular interest is the success evidenced in students exhibiting ADHD-type behaviors. Data shows a reduction in adverse behaviors, a reduction in special education referrals, as well as improvement in peer relationships and academic achievement. The case study results yield interesting and positive outcomes.

The program implementation process is outlined and provides an option to those in the field who work with “intense” students. Parents, teachers, social workers, and mental health professionals benefit from this course.


  • Share case study results with other practitioners.
  • Provide a unique behavior modification option for those serving youth at the tertiary (15%) intervention level of the PBIS pyramid model, etc
  • Introduce the specifics of Metaphorical Programming; an individualized behavior intervention process. This intervention process differs from others in the manner in which students receive feedback on their observed behaviors, as well as in the methods used that appear to teach students to become aware of their actions.
  • Implement this intervention and obtain feedback and data from participants.

The practical applications are:

  • Learners will be provided the Step-by-step process to replicate a Metaphorical Cueing Program.
  • Learners will have supported feedback to enhance effective implementation.

Participants will be conducting action research and should be currently working with at least one student that requires a behavior intervention. Participants will need to purchase one student visual cueing device for use with a student.

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