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“The low performing high school is now
classified as a School of Progress.”

Formative AssessmentIs your school moving in the right direction?

Can you tell if students are learning – how can you tell?

Three years ago Brian Creasman  became principal of a “low performing” high school and was confronted with these two questions. A high school classified as “low performing” obviously is not a title any teacher, administrator, student or parent wants for their school.

Out of everything (curriculum alignment, effective instructional strategies, etc.) Mr. Creasman learned that for an assessment to be effective, it should also be formative. Keep in mind that effective formative assessments result in instruction that meets the needs of each student. Formative assessments allow teachers to respond to the needs of the student quickly, however more importantly it allows the student to shape instruction (both a student-centered and teacher-driven education model).

The formative assessment program there continues and is constantly changing for the better. Once you have a well planned formative assessment program in place, your school will also see:

1)      A change in the culture within classrooms
2)      Concise communication of learning goals
3)      Varied effective instructional methods
4)      A new understanding for student learning
5)      Improved student engagement with targeted student feedback
6)      An increase in student learning!

Take the next step. Learn about and implement formative assessments in your school to discover and demonstrate for yourself, your students and your community what  happens when a school moves in this direction and you know students are truly learning.

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One Review of “Formative Assessment”:
  1. Rebecca R. says:
    Five Stars

    I thought the course was great. It taught me alot about my own teaching style and how I can change some methods to help the students.

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