GRADUATE Course – Common Core Intervention Across the Curriculum

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“How can I help my students become critical thinkers and innovators?”

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Course Description:

“How can I help my students become critical thinkers and innovators?”

Implementing standards across the curriculum involves staying up-to-date with current standards and establishing new teaching practices that will support them. It is increasingly essential for educators to develop students who not only are critical thinkers but innovators as well. This course helps teachers to build up such students.

Section A, Standards-Based Instruction through STEM, brings together four major disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics into one cohesive system. This section includes the benefits and opportunities associated with this new education paradigm and guides teachers to customize classroom instruction so that students develop the skills they need to survive in today’s knowledge-based world.

Section B, Common Core Mathematics for All Teachers, focuses on the Common Core Standards for Mathematics and how educators can apply those mathematical principles to everyday life. This section contains ideas, tools, and activities that teachers can use to make math interesting and fun for their students.

Section C, Student Centered Learning, helps teachers introduce the concept of student centered learning in their classrooms. When students clearly understand their learning goals, and are able to work towards them, they are self-motivated. This approach to learning allows teachers to customize and differentiate curriculum for each student. Teachers facilitate learning by being a coach and mentor.

Objectives & Outcomes:

As a result of successful participation in SECTION A, Standards-Based Instruction through STEM, students should be able to:

  • Understand the definition and basics of STEM, the history behind it and the benefits and challenges associated with it.
  • Apply this new educational paradigm by combining the best pedagogy and curriculum to develop students who are prepared to meet the challenges of their future.
  • Enhance student learning by creating meaningful lessons that are connected to issues related to the community, work, and the world.
  • Discover the important characteristics that students and teachers must develop for successful STEM education.
  • Integrate STEM programs in the classrooms with ideas, information and strategies essential for STEM implementation.

As a result of successful participation in SECTION B, Common Core Mathematics for All Teachers, students should be able to:

  • Apply the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in mathematics in order to improve student achievement.
  • Facilitate maximum learning in math with the help of tools, activities, and presentations.
  • Discover ways to build confidence in math for all students through personal reflection, instructional strategies, and the classroom environment.
  • Create an environment that enables students to break prejudices about math and apply math to their everyday lives.
  • Facilitate student learning with the application of four theories that aid in identifying student needs.

As a result of successful participation in SECTION C, Student Centered Learning, students should be able to:

  • Understand the student-centered learning approach and the principles guiding it.
  • Compare and contrast teacher-centered and student-centered approaches to learning, and identify the role of a teacher in a learner-centric classroom.
  • Understand classroom strategies that can enhance and encourage student-centered learning that facilitates independent, critical, and creative thinking students.
  • Explore the potential of technology in a student-centered learning environment, for both, students and teachers, by aligning tools with learning goals.


Special Instructions:

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