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  • Grading: A-F
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  • Graduate Credit: 1  Graduate Credit
  • Instruction Mode: Self-paced, Asynchronous (Online Class)
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Course Description:

This course on Pedagogy Essentials is a self-paced online course with instructor interaction.

Teaching amongst the technological advances of the 21st century, brings with it unique challenges of combining education and theory with classroom practice. This three part course is designed to provide teachers the background knowledge and resources they require to use research findings to enhance their students’ learning.

Section A, Research Based Instructional Strategies, focuses on strategies teachers can use to channel research findings to improve their quality of instruction. The resources, tools, and classroom examples laid out in this section help teachers to enhance student’s motivation, performance and overall learning.

Section B, Curriculum Development, is targeted at equipping teachers to create effective, yet practical unit and lesson plans that equip students to learn more efficiently. This section contains templates, and models to help teachers integrate and evaluate their curriculum to consequently benefit their students’ needs best.

Section C, Classroom Organization for the 21st Century, is focused on enabling teachers organize their teaching plans, work-life balance and the various aspects of their classroom. This course is specially designed to target organizational challenges teachers in this age face, and ways they can harness the technological advances to their advantage. This course contains a wealth of checklists and templates to help teachers get started on a more organized, stress free teaching experience. There is also a whole section dedicated to essential technological tools that teachers can use, not only to organize their own plans, but also to collaborate more efficiently with their students.

Objectives & Outcomes:

As a result of successful participation in SECTION A Research Based Instructional Strategies, students should be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of incorporating research-proven instructional strategies in the classroom, and use them effectively.
  • Identify the truth among the myths in the area of education.
  • Enhance active student participation and engagement by giving appropriate feedback and successfully using targeted activities and projects.
  • Deal effectively with disengaged and unmotivated students.
  • Understand the importance of literacy and the best strategies to develop good reading, writing and vocabulary skills.
  • Train students to develop strong math skills.

As a result of successful participation in SECTION B Curriculum Development, students should be able to:

  • Understand the intricacies and process of Curriculum Development
  • Actively engage in the Curriculum Development Process and develop an effective Standard-Based Curriculum
  • Identify the Elements of a Long term scope and sequence of the curriculum
  • Effectively engage in Backwards Planning by creating a thorough Unit Plan
  • Design effective Lesson Plans for their students’ learning needs.
  • Understand the need and levels of Curriculum Integration
  • Use Benchmark descriptors and models of interdisciplinary curriculum Integration effectively while planning.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the curriculum in enhancing student learning
  • Use the appropriate Tools and criteria for Curriculum Evaluation

As a result of successful participation in SECTION C Classroom Organization for the 21st Century, students should be able to:

  • Understanding the purpose and benefits of being organized
  • Design their classroom space effectively and choose the best layout
  • Manage and track student behavior positively, during lessons and through transitions
  • Create a classroom environment conducive for learning
  • Understand the essential considerations behind using technology to organize their classroom and teaching
  • Use technology effectively and finding the right tech tool for the teaching task at hand.
  • Plan for Continuous Assessments in the Classroom and carry them out effectively
  • Working with Stakeholders like substitutes and parents at both one-way and two-way levels
  • Ensuring classroom activities and relationships are all targeted toward student achievement.

Special Instructions:

After completing the course, you will be directed to the university for registration.


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