How Can Teachers Promote Learning In The Classroom Through Interactive Bulletin Boards?

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Interactive boards that allow students to work on the display provoke interest

Bulletin boards are a great tool to reinforce rules and promote learning in the classroom. They can be both fun and informative by allowing students to participate in non- threatening way. A conceptual bulletin board deals with the subjects being taught in the classroom or gives more information on subjects that the students are interested in. It can be used to illustrate the difficult concepts through visual representation and pictures. This can help students to understand in a better way.

Teachers should keep in mind that these boards must be fun and inviting. Interactive boards that allow students to work on the display provoke interest. Test reviews can be made fun by asking the students to present information on a bulletin board. Games related to subject matter can also be played using the bulletin board. Here are some ideas:

1. Mathematics
Bulletin boards, being an important visual aid can be used to reinforce key concepts in mathematics. With this purpose in mind, teachers should focus on grade specific concepts and rotate the concepts each month on the bulletin board.
Grade specific concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for primary grades and more complex concepts such as fractions, ratios and basic algebra for upper grades can be well reinforced using a mathematics bulletin board.

2. English
In English, bulletin boards can be used to highlight the works of an author and build interest in reading. Teachers can encourage reading by showcasing a variety of books on the bulletin board. They should try to choose books that are relevant at that time. Books related to seasonal sports and holidays can make great topics during vacations.

3. Science
The world of science is full of things that children can explore. Concepts of nutrition, the human body, space or scientific invention can easily spark interest in students.
Bulletin boards related to ocean, metamorphosis, electricity, basic animal science and nutrition are very attractive and intrigue children. Boards can also be used to educate students about chemistry, physics and energy.

4. History
History happens all the time and can be introduced to both young and older children. It can be shown chronologically by means of a timeline where people and special events are highlighted.
Timeline bulletin boards can include federal holidays, biographies of famous people in history and historical events. As other boards, history oriented bulletin boards should also be entertaining. Colors and graphics can be used to help to draw in the attention of students.

Finally, teachers should make sure that the information given in the bulletin board is relevant to their class. For this teachers can change the boards according to the lessons being taught or change subjects every month by reinforcing a basic concept they want their students to know. Teachers can also make the bulletin board to be a single subject board and change it, often within the learning area of that subject. For example, a reading bulletin board can feature a different book each month or it can be an interactive board where the reports of the book are displayed around the cover of a book being read.

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