How do I Decide on Backgrounds for Classroom Bulletin Boards?

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Once you have planned your overall design for your classroom bulletin boards, you can work out the specifics like the background that you want. The background is an important part of a bulletin board and will need to be in coordination with your design.

The first step is to decide on the color theme of the board, and the color of the background.

Some colors are associated with themes.

For example, multiple colors are associated with a butterfly theme. Blue and white is associated with a theme related to clouds. Think about your theme and content and what colors are associated with it.

Colors can also be used to create different emotions. Blues can calm while reds create excitement. Think carefully about how you want the students to feel when viewing the display.

Before finalizing, measuring and cutting the background material, consider the usage of the background.

Other than the usual construction paper, other background options include fabric, aluminum foil, wall paper, wrapping paper, contact paper. Visualizing your design, might help you come up with some great ideas.

You also need to decide if you want to reuse the background. If so, you might consider laminating the paper.

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