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Jobs that take TimeAs a teacher I sometimes find myself teaching children things that I hardly ever use anymore. Recently, I was thinking about my Microsoft word curriculum. Usually I teach the students to create a document from scratch and then teach them how to do different types of formatting. I sometimes teach various methodologies of formats and settings for different types of documents including brochures, cards and resumes.

But I found myself thinking…Do I, myself, really use all of this stuff? I realized that when I need to make a document, I tend to pick up one of the numerous Microsoft templates, type in my content, and within just minutes, I have a document that looks professional and is perfectly formatted.

So do we stop teaching the basics? Its not just about computer software, and I’m sure each of you have faced similar dilemmas related to your subjects. Maybe a solution is to start with the basics, but not end there. Of course, we want and need to keep our students updated with the smartest and most efficient way of accomplishing tasks and doing things. And the most important part of this process is to get students to explore and discover ways of making various tasks easier.

What is your opinion on this? Do you think teaching children to use templates might curb their creativity?

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One Response to “Jobs that take Time…”
  1. Susan Powers says:

    Templates are great for efficiency, but that assumes the student will have access to that set of software in the future. However, not having access to the software wouldn’t stop me from allowing them to use the template.

    How about teaching how to create a template? Again, this would require access to that software. So I wouldn’t stop there. Perhaps teach the use of more than one set of software. And don’t forget about the programs on the open market (.ods) — they are very worthwhile and are free, and compatible with the fee-based software.

    All this being said, students still need to know the basics, no matter what. My personal experience is a template can provide 50-90% of my needs, so I still have to tweak it. And some students will need more than the basics.

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