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Dear San Antonio Area Teachers,

The brain training experts at LearningRx of San Antonio Northeast has partnered with Professional Learning Board to offer a free online continuing education course to all San Antonio area teachers.

The class is named ”Cognitive Skills – Understanding Learning Challenges” and is designed to help teachers understand, identify and combat weak cognitive skills, which for some students can sabotage learning, even when excellent teachers use the best methods, materials and curriculum. By completing the course, teachers will earn 5 to 10 clock hours.

“LearningRx is committed to contributing to our community,” says Gina Cruz, Director at LearningRx of San Antonio Northeast. “We want to help area teachers reach all their students, thus we are donating this course that helps them address cognitive skill weaknesses. Our goal is for every teacher throughout the San Antonio area to complete the course.

”The online course provides teachers with an understanding of cognitive issues, as well as ways to apply development techniques in the classroom. The course is fun and interactive and includes information about new brain research and how it can impact today’s classrooms. Participating teachers are provided video demonstrations of strategies along with printable activities for use with students in the classroom.

The interactive continuing education course is based on both the brain training expertise used in LearningRx centers and in the book “Unlock the Einstein Inside: Applying New Brain Science to Wake Up the Smart in your Child” by Dr. Ken Gibson, founder of LearningRx.”

This content-rich course provides scientifically based, research-proven methods of instruction that can lead directly to improving classroom achievement and student performance,” says Dr. Gibson. “We’re thrilled to be able to share this expertise with our educational professionals in a way that will really benefit struggling children.

“According to the U.S. Department of Education, over 80 percent of student learning challenges are due to weak cognitive skills,” adds Professional Learning Board Chief Learning Officer, Ellen Paxton, MEd, NBCT. “It’s imperative that every K-12 teacher understand students’ learning challenges and how cognitive skill development improves student achievement.”

Thank you,

Gina Cruz
LearningRx San Antonio Northeast
(210) 967-6278
LearningRx San Antonio Northeast


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Cognitive Skills – Understanding Learning Challenges.
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“When a task is given in school,
why does one student take thirty minutes
to complete it and another
only eight minutes?”

Cognitive Skills - Understanding Learning Challenges

In this course you’ll come to understand the answer: students approach each task with varying learning tools. These tools are called cognitive skills, and these skills determine the quality, speed, and ease with which individuals learn and perform.

This course provides methods for detecting students with weak cognitive skills and tools to strengthen those skills. Teachers will receive understanding, as well as ways to apply development techniques in the classroom. The online class is fun and interactive and includes information about new brain research and how it can impact today’s classrooms.

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5 – 10 Clock Hours

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