PACKAGE: Minnesota Relicensure Package #2 (30 Clock Hours)

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“Your courses fit my needs perfectly.
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The Minnesota Relicensure Package #2 is one of two packages that meet the six Minnesota relicensure requirements:

Minnesota Relicensure Package #2
# Hours
Accommodation & Differentiation: Cognitive Skills – Understanding Learning Challenges
Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies: Transformative Classroom Management
Reading Instruction: Tackling Tough Text
Mental Health: Recognition of Early-onset Mental Health Disorders in Children & Adolescents
Technology: Technology in the 21st Century Classroom
Teaching English Language Learners: Language Acquisition
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4 Reviews of “PACKAGE: Minnesota Relicensure Package #2 (30 Clock Hours)”:
  1. Linda F says:
    Five Stars

    I will be doing classes through the Professional Learning Board this weekend. I do want to say that it has been wonderful to know that this site is out here and so easy to work with!

  2. Anonymous says:
    Five Stars


  3. Anonymous says:
    Five Stars

    PLB is a GREAT resource as I get ready to renew my teaching license!

  4. Ryan W. says:
    Five Stars

    Thank you for your wonderful customer service support. I was very impressed when I called in for assistance.

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