RTI, Common Core & Classroom Behavior Management

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Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies

This course is based upon the extensive research, work and writings of Jim Wright, a Behavior Intervention Specialist, Psychologist and School Administrator in central New York. Mr. Wright has experience in the areas of Academic and Behavioral Interventions, Curriculum-based Measurement and Violence Prevention. This course will address research and strategies in the following areas:

  • Behavior Basics
  • Group & Classroom Management
  • Defiance & Non-compliance
  • Impulsivity & Hyperactivity
  • Attention & Motivation
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Common Core Instruction Practices

The Common Core standards are new, and the pressure to achieve is great. This course helps teachers through practices that support implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Ideas and strategies promote student motivation and self-learning while decreasing and eliminating behavior issues. This course equips teachers with teaching tools, tips and resources needed to make classroom instruction time more effective.

The course is rich with examples and templates that focus on practical implementation and real classroom challenges. It will help build a classroom environment where students take responsibility for their learning. The strategies in this course align with the principles of the Common Core Standards (CCSS) and enable students to succeed in meeting standards.

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Common Core Curriculum-Based Measures

Basic skills are required for any subject in order for students to achieve. When students struggle with basic academic skills, implementing the Common Core standards (CCSS) can be challenging without successful interventions. By monitoring and managing student development, teachers can guide students toward success in all aspects of the curriculum.

This course helps teachers learn to evaluate and monitor basic academic skills. Curriculum Based Measures (CBM) is a standardized tool that aligns with the Common Core Standards (CCSS) and gives teachers objective and specific information about student academic performance. This course provides a framework to help teachers plan interventions based on the issues identified in the CBM. Teachers will be able to build a strong foundation for Common Core implementation with a specific focus on language fluency, math and written expression.

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Common Core Assessment & Evaluation

Successful implementation of the Common Core (CCSS) is rooted in being able to identify in which areas students need support. However, most teachers don’t have time, resources or skills to conduct regular intensive assessments. This course provides a solution for this challenge by providing a framework that teachers may use to identify problems, set goals, and evaluate achievement as an ongoing process.

Teachers will be equipped to periodically collect data to determine in real time whether a student is showing adequate growth toward the outcome goal. Teachers will be able to plan intervention based on results, resulting in greater student achievement.

This course is full of templates, tips and strategies to help teachers gain confidence in evaluating and monitoring a Common Core (CCSS) based curriculum.

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19 Reviews of “RTI, Common Core & Classroom Behavior Management”:
  1. Cean F. says:
    Five Stars

    I was pleased with the course and the facilitator. Feedback was timely and useful. Suggestions were thought provoking.

  2. Rita M. says:
    Five Stars

    Great course for review and refreshment! The video clips were good and the review/check for understanding were very good/helpful/pertinent. I appreciated this course. Thanks!

  3. Robert D. says:
    Five Stars

    Both the TCM and the Pos Behavior Intervention courses persuaded me to confront classroom challenges in a productive way. I thank you for that.

  4. susie1970 says:
    Five Stars

    This course was extremely informative! These tips will help make classrooms and schools a more positive environment for all!

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