SELF-STUDY: Common Core Assessment and Evaluation (10 hours)

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“Equip teachers to make accurate assessments of students’ learning needs, and plan targeted interventions.”

Welcome to this dual course aimed to help you understand more about common core assessment and evaluation. This dual course consists of the following 5 hour courses:

  • Common Core Assessment and Evaluation
  • Common Core Curriculum-Based Measures

Successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is rooted in being able to identify the areas where students need support most, through effective processes of evaluation and assessment. This online dual course, provides practical solutions for teachers to identify learning problems, set specific goals, and evaluate achievement as an ongoing process. To this end, teachers will be equipped to periodically collect data and determine whether a student is showing adequate growth toward learning goals. Curriculum Based Measures (CBM) are presented as useful tools to glean specific information about students’ academic performance and learning growth. Through the planning of targeted interventions, teachers are equipped to build strong foundations for Common Core implementation, with specific resources for language fluency, math and written expression. Teachers are also shown how to use formative assessments to respond to student needs and shape ongoing classroom instruction. Tying all these strategies together, this dual course helps educators to implement a range of professional development practices that enable them to become reflective teachers and grow as educational professionals.

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10 Reviews of “SELF-STUDY: Common Core Assessment and Evaluation (10 hours)”:
  1. Therese Z. says:
    Five Stars

    I enjoy doing the classes. A lot of good information. Most topics are pertinent and interesting.

  2. Rebecca P. says:
    Five Stars

    Lots of valuable and informative information here.

  3. Mary W. says:
    Five Stars

    This course covered a lot of new information for me, it will prove useful in the classroom.

  4. Heather T. says:
    Five Stars

    Thank you for making this available to teachers.

  5. Melissa M. says:
    Five Stars

    Very helpful.

  6. Alex C. says:
    Five Stars

    Great online resource for teachers.

  7. Loraine C. says:
    Five Stars

    Thanks for the great course!

  8. Regina D says:
    Five Stars

    The material is very helpful and easy to implement.

  9. Christine C says:
    Five Stars

    Easily accessible.

  10. Christine C says:
    Five Stars

    Excellent source for professional development to renew state teaching license.

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