SELF-STUDY: Core Academic Intervention (10 hours)

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“How can teachers use tailored academic interventions to help struggling students succeed in meeting the common core standards?”

Changes in standards in the education system are always aimed at helping all students succeed in the general educational setting. In such a setting, teachers play a critical role in identifying those who are struggling to learn and making targeted interventions. This is even more critical, as students are exposed to higher standards with the adoption of Common Core by states and school districts. This course provides educators with information about academic interventions that can be incorporated in the classroom, through frameworks such as the RTI and beyond. The wealth of resources and classroom examples provided here are targeted at enabling teachers to enhance existing evaluation practices.

Calling for a shift in approach, teachers are provided with effective and dynamic methods to assess students’ work, ensuring that the focus stays entirely on both – teacher and students’ holistic development. The course also recommends taking these best practices further by “Examining Student Work” through a process of intentional reflection with other teachers. Encouraging teachers to engage with each other, and learn from their insights, teachers are equipped with useful resources to successfully implement this process.

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