SELF-STUDY: Enhancing Classroom Instruction 2017 (10 hours)

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“Do you wonder how you could transform your teaching to benefit your students more?”

Welcome to this dual course aimed to help you understand more about enhancing classroom instruction. This dual course consists of the following 5 hour courses:

  • Common Core Enhancing Instruction
  • Reflective Teaching Practice

Through this two part online PD course, explore various key concepts and practices to support the implementation of Common Core standards into their teaching. Educators are constantly on the look out for practical ways to enhance their classroom instruction in order to benefit their students’ learning. To enable them to do this, the first section focuses on common core based instructional practices teachers can use to promote student motivation and self-learning while decreasing and eliminating behavior issues. The resources, tools, and real-life examples included will help teachers strive to develop self-reliant students who take responsibility for their own learning. Building on this, the second section focuses on helping teachers develop a process of reflective thinking and becoming more sensitive and responsive to the needs and issues of students. The practical examples and techniques explained in this section give teachers a new understanding of the phrase ‘learning while teaching.’ This section also includes an additional resource that helps teachers write reflective statements by giving them step-by-step guidelines to combine professional development activities.

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7 Reviews of “SELF-STUDY: Enhancing Classroom Instruction 2017 (10 hours)”:
  1. Angela D says:
    Five Stars

    Great class.

  2. Peggy P says:
    Five Stars

    Will be very helpful in writing reflective statement.

  3. Kaja P says:
    Five Stars

    The last section on Reflective Teaching Practices was a bit long-winded. But I'm done!

  4. Kelly S says:
    Five Stars

    Appreciate the ease with which to use.

  5. Kathryn W says:
    Five Stars

    Thank you.

  6. Jean C says:
    Five Stars

    I just completed 90 hours of Professional Learning with the help of the Professional Learning Board. I was pleased with this on-line study and wanted to thank you for providing such a variety of lessons. I can honestly say, as I reflect back on each lesson, that I obtained valuable knowledge that has refreshed and prepared me for the classroom after being retired for several years. I plan to use my lessons and recommended resources as reference points when needing new ideas or skills. I was most interested in the reading lessons and especially enjoyed the Read Write Think site because I hope to obtain a job teaching students who are not reading on grade level. Reading Across the Curriculum was packed with information and resources that I plan to access again in the future. After taking the on-line Cloze test presented in this lesson, I became more fully aware of how quickly frustration can flare. I was reminded of the importance of keeping up with new teaching strategies as well the type of tests being used and am very excited about having the opportunity to apply the lessons I have learned to my personal teaching style. I loved all the ideas on how to use technology, including the cell phone, and will definitely be using technology whenever I can. I hope to challenge my students and guide them to use the web to create their own works to be shared with the world. In addition, I will no longer look at a bully and a victim in the same way, and I am challenging myself to stay calm when difficult situations present themselves and to ask the correct questions. Of course, I realize I will not be perfect, but I have been motivated by what I learned and am looking forward to the upcoming year in a positive way. I understand that in order to grow as a teacher, I must be honest with myself and identify areas where I need help. By keeping a journal, I hope to better understand what is beneficial for my students and to reach out to others to gain new ideas.

  7. Margaret M says:
    Five Stars

    I am very excited to share ideas and create new systems for reaching students with my team partner next year. I also have many ways of using the items to begin leading in my school.

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