SELF-STUDY: Integrating Standards (5 clock hours)

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Benchmarks?Rubrics?Assessments?Content, Instructional and Performance Standards?

We’re told that a standards-based curriculum is supposed to increase student learning and promote higher student achievement, but what is it really all about? This course helps educators untangle what turns out to be the not-so-mysterious-language of today’s teaching and learning, and put successful strategies into practice.

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3 Reviews of “SELF-STUDY: Integrating Standards (5 clock hours)”:
  1. MaryAnn G. says:
    Five Stars

    Thank you! Excellent course!

  2. Renee F. says:
    Five Stars

    As a retired educator who is now doing tutoring for two companies, I can say this course was more informative on understanding the terminology than I got from any school district in my 37 years of teaching. I have the luxury of uninterrupted time to do this course. I also feel it gave an objective overview of the difficulties in integrating standards education into schools-mainly because we teachers do like our favorite topics. Thank you.

  3. Charity G. says:
    Five Stars

    This had nice balance between secondary and elementary. I enjoyed this one.

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