SELF-STUDY: Mobile Technology in the Classroom (5 hours)

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No longer will cell phones distract from learning.

Mobile devices can be an integral part of learning, when used intentionally. Teachers integrate smartphones, tablets, iPads, Kindle and more into everyday classroom activities while achieving learning targets. In this course, teachers learn strategies for procurement of devices, how to screen apps, as well as to create technology-based lesson plans, activities and assessments that incorporate mobile devices. Mobile technology enables collaboration and shared learning beyond traditional methods resulting in students becoming stronger communicators. Furthermore, individualizing instruction can become simpler with mobile devices in the hands of students.

Introducing mobile technology in the classroom needs not be a technological initiative but rather an educational endeavor to help students learn while enjoying it at the same time. Teachers in this course learn to consider challenges and create safe practices for student security and safety. No longer will cell phones distract from learning.

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