SELF-STUDY: Classroom Management for Positive Behaviors (5 hours)

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“Create a positive school culture, reduce discipline issues and support academic achievement.”

Successfully implement an evidence-based, data-driven Positive Behavior Management system in your school in order to reduce disciplinary incidents and support positive academic outcomes. Through the resources, research-validated strategies and guidelines, presented in this course, teachers will be equipped to apply a multi-tiered approach to prevention. Using disciplinary and behavior analysis data, teachers will be able to develop targeted and individualized interventions and supports for problem students.

Additionally, teachers will be provided with tips and strategies for teaching behavioral expectations, modeling them, and reinforcing positive social behavior for improving the student’s educational experience.

Questions answered in this course include – Why choose Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies (PBIS) for students? Shouldn’t students know how to behave? Why should students be acknowledged for doing what is expected?

Rich in examples, scenarios, suggestions and tips, this course will allow schools to implement the PBIS framework as a team-based, action planning process led by the school PBIS team, providing students with a positive learning environment.

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11 Reviews of “SELF-STUDY: Classroom Management for Positive Behaviors (5 hours)”:
  1. Theresa B. says:
    Five Stars

    I gained valuable information during this class and will implement as much of it as possible when I am back in the classroom again. I saved the PDFs for a potential future use.

  2. Bethany G. says:
    Five Stars

    Very interesting course! Lots of new information for me!

  3. Lisa G. says:
    Five Stars

    Great opportunity for Professional Development on my own time. Thank you.

  4. Courtney F. says:
    Five Stars

    I love this website. It’s great to be able to take the classes when it’s convenient for me. I definitely will recommend this website to other teachers.

  5. LoriBeth T says:
    Five Stars

    Interesting and gave the history of the system many districts already use.

  6. Julie S. says:
    Five Stars

    Although I had taken another PBIS course through my Regional Education Center, this course was a little more in-depth with examples and has excellent resources added (forms).

  7. Marcie E. says:
    Five Stars

    This course was great, very informative, and easy to use.

  8. Tracy O. says:
    Five Stars

    As a substitute teacher, these courses give me the ability to get necessary clock hours for relicensure.

  9. Jean S. says:
    Five Stars

    Great class!

  10. Anonymous says:
    Five Stars

    This was a content rich course. It was very thorough and included enough information for a teacher to advocate for, and/or utilize a PBIS program at his or her school. Thank you.

  11. Daniel W. says:
    Five Stars

     I liked the examples presented much more than the (in my opinion) overly technical descriptions. Thanks.

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