SELF-STUDY: Reading Across the Curriculum (10 hours)

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“I was pleased with all of the new resources and ideas that
I will be able to bring into the classroom for teaching reading. Thanks!”

This dual course is aimed at facilitating reading among students. This course consists of two related subtopics, reading across the curriculum and tackling tough text.

SECTION A: Reading Across the Curriculum, focuses on equipping teachers to be better instructors. Given the fact that the reading range in any given classroom varies extensively, all educators should be aware of best practices in reading instruction. This section suggests new ideas to help motivate students to read more and equips teachers with a variety of strategies that they can use to support reading comprehension.

SECTION B: Tackling Tough Text, highlights the importance of change from traditional reading strategies to new and innovative ways of improving reading comprehension. This section suggests a new strategy to tackle difficult text, thus enabling students to learn effectively and comprehend well, across all subject areas. This is a great tool for any teacher who wants to help students build a stronger understanding of the text that they come across in the classroom.


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