SELF-STUDY: School Mental Health (10 hours)

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“Create a truly safe place for all your students to learn, grow and be nurtured.”

Welcome to this dual course aimed to help you understand more about school mental health. This dual course consists of the following topics:

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Bullying: The Golden Rule Approach

Through this 2-part online PD course, teachers are shown practical strategies by which they can deal with the issues associated with bullying and suicide. Though extremely unpleasant realities, both have become serious threats to students, and teachers are often ill-equipped to deal with such issues. This course promotes a positive, pro-active approach to ensure that teachers and students feel competent in facing such threats, and know how to rise above them.

The first section helps teachers understand suicide and how it can be prevented. Teachers will, learn to identify early signs of suicide ideations and be equipped with basic tools to help students. A range of creative activities and strategies are presented to promote safe classroom environments. The second section deals with bullying – an unpleasant but inevitable part of life that happens in virtually every social group.


One Review of “SELF-STUDY: School Mental Health (10 hours)”:
  1. Amy A. says:
    Five Stars

    This course was painless, videos very helpful...

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