SELF-STUDY: Spanish for Educators (5 hours)

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“Learn to effectively manage a classroom of ‘Spanglish’ speakers.”

Course Description:

A classroom is a place where all students must feel accepted and involved. Non-Spanish speaking teachers may need to make an  extra effort to involve Spanish-speaking students in the classroom. Learning to communicate with students in their language is one way to generate involvement and help students to feel confident in the classroom.

This course, Spanish for Educators, is a primer for non-Spanish speaking teachers to help build communication with students and their families who speak Spanish as a first language. Teachers will be introduced to general vocabulary and phrases that assist with understanding the Spanish language in the classroom as well as throughout a school environment.

The course is rich in activities, tools, strategies, and templates that may be customized for individual use (including letters to parents and telephone scripts). There are live recordings with Spanish words, phrases, and conversations that enable teachers to read and pronounce Spanish words correctly so they can be understood.

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8 Reviews of “SELF-STUDY: Spanish for Educators (5 hours)”:
  1. Gina G. says:
    Five Stars

    This was convenient and very relevant to my daily work.

  2. Tamara R. says:
    Five Stars

    I found the course easy to follow and clear in its objectives which was greatly appreciated.

  3. Lisa G. says:
    Five Stars

    This online course was a good preview for having Spanish speaking students in the classroom,how to accommodate for their learning in the classroom, as well as helping the teacher become more understanding of Spanish speaking cultures and differences.

  4. Ernest G. says:
    Five Stars

    Useful information. I will be referring to this content and expanding upon it. Thank You!

  5. Beverly B. says:
    Five Stars

    A good course to take as my first on-line course for an ESL teacher.

  6. Amy M. says:
    Five Stars

    The tool/activity that I found the most helpful was the list of common school phrases. I wish I would have taken this class at the beginning of my year because I could have really used those sheets. It would have also saved me time instead of trying to use Google translate for those basic school words. Not only was I able to practice the letters, words, and phrases but I learned important cultural information. I also found the "questionable language" section quite helpful. Not only to have for my own classroom knowledge, but these words seem to be used often on tv shows and movies, so now I know what they mean. In looking over the course objectives I have found that I do have a greater comfort level for basic Spanish letters, words, and phrases as well as increasing my overall communication with families. Thank you.

  7. Anonymous says:
    Five Stars

    This course strengthened my belief that reaching out in the home language really helps the child progress. If the parents trust me as a teacher of their child, everything gets a little easier. I held parent teacher conferences in the gym of our middle school along with everyone else. When I sent conferences notices out in Spanish and offered a translator, Spanish-speaking parents attended in greater percentages than the average school population. A little outreach - before any trouble might happen - goes a long way. I liked being given an actual script that can be read without modification as a first step over the phone as a first contact. I think that is an ice breaker I would be willing to do, and that the parents would be touched that I don't speak Spanish, but I want to call them on the phone anyway about their child. I also liked being taught classroom command phrases, as well as getting a heads up on Spanish slang. My husband, I realized, had already learned a lot of slang after a year in Mexico, but I didn't realize what a lot of it meant when I heard it being used with Spanish speaking buddies. I will definitely use the pretend Spanish phrases such as "como?" to make students believe I understand more of what they are saying than I really do!!

  8. Anonymous says:
    Five Stars

    In my line of work, and in the area in which I work, I encounter students and families from a Spanish speaking background on a daily basis. I have generally had a difficult time connecting with many of my students parents and thus had a hard time exercising follow up with students. While there are still many challenges in that area, I am realizing that there are many benefits, even in learning English and participating in an English-speaking classroom and environment, to using native languages throughout the school day. The Spanglish monologues helped me to realize how beneficial hearing a known language in the context of an unknown language really was. I was able to understand and assign meaning to the Spanish words and phrases when it was alongside other words I knew. In bringing my students to a better understanding and ability to use English, I think that I need to have some working Spanish vocabulary. The classroom vocabulary and phrases from lesson 3 is something that I have already put into practice in my classroom. My students, while they are still elementary aged students, are much quicker to respond when they hear directions in the language spoken to them at home. One last insight that I gained through this course was the community relationships that come about through the mere attempt of using Spanish in my day. While the adults I spoke with always inquired if I knew how to speak Spanish after I had used a few words, there was always an appreciation that was fostered in making the attempts I made. Helping families and students feel safe and comfortable with me and in my classroom is one key way to developing the rapport necessary for helping my students reach their fullest potential while in my classroom.

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