SELF-STUDY: Student Safety and the Technology-Rich Classroom 2017 (10 hours)

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“This is a must have course for anyone who has children or works with children.”

Welcome to this dual course aimed to help you understand more about student safety and the technology-rich classroom. This dual course consists of the following 5 hour courses:

  • Internet Safety
  • Child Abuse Prevention

Acknowledging the widespread threats to children’s safety in today’s world, this dual online PD course equips teachers with a rich bank of information as well as practical strategies to promote students’ safety, both in the real and virtual world. In the first section, participants discover the threats that exist on the Internet and how to protect loved ones, family members, students and others under their care or responsibility. This section includes information on cyberbullying, online predators, and tips and tools for protecting children online.

The second part empowers teachers to recognize types, signs, characteristics, scenarios, and in general, indicators of suspected child abuse. We know this is a difficult subject to discuss, and this section has been designed to be respectful of the topic while giving teachers a solid foundation in understanding the key information about child abuse, the common types, Safe Environment Practices, and useful resources to combat such threats.

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9 Reviews of “SELF-STUDY: Student Safety and the Technology-Rich Classroom 2017 (10 hours)”:
  1. Network Support says:
    Five Stars

    Wonderful presentation. Ryan W.

  2. Network Support says:
    Five Stars

    Course was good. Offered good signs to be on the look out for. Heather F.

  3. Michael S says:
    Five Stars

    Great, informative course!

  4. Angela D says:
    Five Stars

    Great course.

  5. Heather A says:
    Five Stars

    I really enjoyed this course on multiple levels; one- as one who has experienced abuse as a child. Two- as a public school teacher seeing these signs in my students and three- as a missionary in the ""black townships"" of South Africa I see more signs than I would like of child abuse. Thank you for the opportunity.

  6. Jessica M says:
    Five Stars

    This was a very content rich course.

  7. Lisette O says:
    Five Stars


  8. Suzanne P says:
    Five Stars

    This course was very informative and really makes me fully aware as an educator the responsibility that we have regarding the safety of the students that we serve.

  9. Julie C says:
    Five Stars

    Great courses.

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