SELF-STUDY: Talk and Walk: A Course on Ethics and Communication (10 hours)

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“Because what teachers say and do matters…”

Welcome to this dual course aimed to help you understand more about ethics and communication. This dual course consists of the following 5 hour courses:

  • Ethics for Education Professionals
  • Public Speaking for Teachers

For teachers to be truly successful in their educational responsibilities, they must be aware of the powerful impact their words and actions have on their students and others around them. They must thus step outside the classroom and curriculum to develop these essential skills, that will in turn impact each facet of their teaching practice. This dual online PD course focuses on two of teachers’ biggest concerns today – Ethics and Public Speaking – both skills that are integral to effective teaching.

The first section is built on the fact that even though people believe that their actions are guided by logic and reason, we all have an innate ethical sense that urges us to make predictable choices. This section, thus helps teachers to recognize the real power of their own innate ethical sense and how it influences their teaching practice. The information and practical tools provided here are focused on enabling teachers to broaden their understanding of ethical issues while at the same time enabling them to better understand the ideas of others.
Through reflection and introspection, teachers develop an understanding of their innate ethical selves and are given a range of tips to bring high standards of ethics in schools at every stage of their educational practice.

Acknowledging that a competent and resourceful teacher must be able to effectively communicate with students, the school community, peers, parents and even school support structures, the second part focuses on enabling teachers to develop much needed Public Speaking skills. Through the research and strategies in this course, teachers examine how to manage these fears and perfect related skills. Teachers are shown how they can identify and work on specific problem areas and consequently improve their communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, as well as their technical skills. The resources included show teachers how to structure their speeches and harness technology to deliver effective speeches.

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