SELF-STUDY: Virtual Field Trips (5 hours)

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“Introduce your students to the exciting world of Virtual Field Trips”

It is the wish of every committed teacher to help his or her students connect knowledge gained in the classroom with real life situations and process information in a way that takes them beyond the books. Teachers are constantly required to grab the attention of their students, keep them motivated and inspire them to own their learning.

A well-planned field trip can serve all of these purposes in a unique way. Despite being known to be of great merit, schools across the country have been cutting short on such expeditions because of limited resources, whether financial constraints, personnel or time. This course offers a great alternative to teachers and encourages them to make the most of one of the most widely-available resources of our times – technology. Given the rapidly developing digital resources, teachers can take a diverse group of students on virtual field trips and offer them near-life-like experiences that will develop their thoughts and provide wholesome educational opportunities.

This course gives teachers a basic understanding of what virtual field trips are, the different types of trips and why they can be considered a valid alternative to actual field trips. It also offers a look at some concerns that surface while planning virtual field trips and how these can be addressed. The course also details the process of planning an effective virtual field trip with emphasis on how teachers can equip themselves technically. Looking at a selection of pre-existing virtual field trips, teachers will be able to understand the elements of a good trip. They will also learn how to create their own custom-made field trips using an array of online resources offered in the course.

Classroom examples will help teachers understand how they can incorporate these virtual trips in their lesson plans and the various roles they will play during these tours. Teachers will also be equipped to evaluate virtual field trips and will know their impact on student learning.

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5 Reviews of “SELF-STUDY: Virtual Field Trips (5 hours)”:
  1. Karen K. says:
    Five Stars


  2. Amy F. says:
    Five Stars

    This is a wonderful resource for CTLE!

  3. Sheryl M. says:
    Five Stars

    PLB is a wonderful resource. I don't think it would be easy to find a teacher happy about spending money on professional development courses. Taking courses on Professional Learning Board, however, has been surprisingly very worthwhile. I do not feel like I am just spending money to check a box, which all too often is exactly what professional development courses amount to and not much more. The PLB courses have been very insightful. I have learned quite a bit, and I likely will refer back to multiple courses as useful resources going forward.

  4. Melissa T. says:
    Five Stars

    These courses are great for those of us who are not in the classroom but want to keep our license active. Thank you!!

  5. Amanda M. says:
    Five Stars

    Great, met my needs.

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