Professional Development 1 Credit: Standards and Communications in Teaching

“I really enjoyed the course. It was straight forward and easy to use. The instructor was very elaborate in her responses, and helped to clarify questions. All responses were received in a timely manner as well. It was a great course with good pacing and I learned lots of […]

PACKAGE: The Everything Package (125 Hours)

“Your courses fit my needs perfectly.
They were ideal for someone who does not
have a great deal of flexibility, and I learned a lot.”
You’ve heard of the everything bagel, Professional Learning Board presents the first everything PD course package, The Everything Self-Study Package, which includes the following TWENTY TWO self-study […]

SELF-STUDY: Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies (5 hours)

“This was a great course.
Thank you for the opportunity to gather useful, practical information
that will prove to be essential to my future as an educator and parent.”
This course is based upon the extensive research, work and writings of Jim Wright, a Behavior Intervention Specialist, Psychologist and School Administrator in […]

SELF-STUDY: Reading Across the Curriculum (5 hours)

“I was pleased with all of the new resources and ideas that
I will be able to bring into the classroom for teaching reading.”
Reading is an essential component of learning. Often when students struggle within a specific subject matter it is because of poor reading instruction and underdeveloped reading skills.
This course […]

SELF-STUDY: Transformative Classroom Management (5 clock hours)

Teachers often use strategies that create more problems than they solve.
What makes a teacher successful in one school is the same thing that makes a teacher successful in the next school. It is true that all students are unique and group dynamics, cultural backgrounds, and experiences vary — sometimes […]

FACILITATED: Accommodating All Learners (15 clock hours)

“I enjoyed taking this course and learned a lot of new information
that I can implement in my classroom. Thanks!”
Reach and teach all learners by examining 21st century student and educator strengths in this research-based course packed with strategies, resources and tools. Participants will gain insight into both, their own […]

FACILITATED: Bullying – The Golden Rule Solution (15 clock hours)

“I have utilized this philosophical approach to bullying repeatedly over the past two years and I have always found it to be highly effective in even the most verbally abusive school environments.”
During childhood, children learn and practice the skills they will need in their adult lives. Bullying is an […]

FACILITATED: Integrating Standards (15 clock hours)

Benchmarks? Rubrics? Assessments? Content, Instructional and Performance Standards?
We’re told that a standards-based curriculum is suppose to increase student learning and promote higher student achievement, but what is it really all about? This course helps educators untangle what turns out to be the not-so-mysterious-language of today’s teaching and learning and […]

FACILITATED: RTI Using Metaphors to Change Behavior (15 clock hours)

Unique early intervention strategies show how metaphors and visual cues can be used to promote a change in behavior as well as to teach students to become aware of their actions.
Participants are challenged to think creatively and will be given the tools to individualize and apply the motivating intervention […]

FACILITATED: Spanish for Educators (15 clock hours)

A primer for non-Spanish speaking teachers to communicate with families and their children who speak Spanish as a first language. Teachers will be introduced to general vocabulary and phrases that assist with understanding in the classroom as well as throughout a school environment.
Use tools for translation of materials and […]

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