Teaching Current Events

During a recent interview, I was asked how I could possibly gather 500 teaching tips (which were the basis of a recent book). “Where did all that creativity come from,” the reporter wanted to know. My reply:
The creativity comes from being responsive to the world around us. For example, a news article about […]

Presenting to the Oscars

As a corporate trainer, I’ve had my share of classroom curmudgeons. The worst: In a Boston classroom, I called on a man to introduce himself:  “Oscar, could you give us your name and a bit about the work you do.”
“It’s not ‘Oscar!’ ” he roared. “It’s Dr. Dimitry (not his actual name). In […]

Tip & Tease

By Marlene Caroselli, Ed.D

Tip: Use Collective Knowledge
A mind is a terrible thing to waste. So is time. By asking your table groups to record everything they already know about the subject at the beginning of a new unit, you’ll learn what they’ve already learned. Thus you can make some quick, if subtle, adjustments […]

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