TOP TEN Reasons Non-Profits Must Do Online Learning

Check Out the New Blog In no particular order and without further ado, here are ten top reasons for conducting online trainings:

(1) Consistent content delivery to all training participants (face-to-face seminars put the facilitator in a position to emphasize or edit content delivery)

(2) Required passing score on course assessment reinforces demonstration of understanding in order to meet training requirement

(3) Cost-effective – Cost per person is significantly less than in-person trainings when you’re looking to reach a significant audience or using online learning over a long period of time.

(4) More rapid deployment and compliance with training requirement as participants can train anytime, anywhere with a computer. No waiting for a scheduled training session or make-up sessions. No schedule conflicts as well.

(5) Convenience for training participants can increase likelihood of engagement with and retention of content. When the training participant has the freedom to choose when she is engaging in the training, the chances are better that she is able to focus on the content, even if she only has 15 minutes at a time. Compare that to people attending a seminar. People in a seminar have times when they mentally check out of the session and think about the voice mail and email messages piling up or what route they need to take to avoid traffic in order to pick up their children following the training, etc.

(6) Verifiable – Training completion results can be tracked and reported in real time through online reports.

(7) Easily customizable – Once the core course content is developed, the course can be tailored to individual and local areas.

(8) No interruption of contact time – Teachers don’t have to leave the classroom to attend training. Employees do not have to leave work to attend training.

(9) Saves schools and businesses money – Schools don’t have to hire subs for a teacher leaving the classroom to attend a session. Business can increase the ROI on their dollars.

(10) People like online learning. – Okay, we’re admittedly biased on this one but we get a 97% satisfaction rate from people completing courses online. And that includes a clear majority of whom had never taken an online class before! Learning online is respectful of the learner (imagine teachers who do not have to make a sub plan or deal with getting the class back on track after returning). Learning online fits people’s life style as they complete classes when they can and want to, not when someone tells them to go to a required training meeting or class.

Okay, what did we miss? Let us know.

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