Transformative Classroom Management – Strategies to Engage Positive Behavior

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Smart teachers struggle with classroom management. Skilled teachers elect to use strategies that create more problems than they solve. This course focuses on proven ideas that when used, work.

Transformative Classroom ManagementWhat makes a teacher successful in one school is the same thing that makes a teacher successful in the next school. It is true that all students are unique and group dynamics, cultural backgrounds, and experiences vary — sometimes dramatically. But for the most part, sound ideas get positive results and unsound ideas get mixed results at best.

Not all ideas sold in the marketplace of classroom management strategies lead to desirable results. In fact, many of the most popular ideas result in more harm than good. For that reason, parts of this course are devoted to explaining why many of the most popular ideas in use today are flawed, and what to do instead.

This course is a synthesis of what’s effective in the area of classroom management. It builds on extensive time, real experiences of teachers, observations of hundreds of classrooms, research and the best ideas put into successful practice.

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Course Author:  Dr. John Shindler, Ph.D.


- Semester Credits:  NA

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- Clock Hours/CPDUs:  5

- Course Length:  Lifetime


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This course meets the Minnesota relicensure positive behavior intervention strategies requirement.

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Transformative Classroom Management Transformative Classroom Management Transformative Classroom Management Transformative Classroom Management


9 Reviews of “Transformative Classroom Management – Strategies to Engage Positive Behavior”:
  1. Alyssa H. says:
    Five Stars

    The quiz was very thorough and an excellent recap of what we learned in the course.

  2. Patricia W. says:
    Five Stars

    This course has provided me with new ideas and approaches to classroom management and in how to manage my dance team. I am currently paying close attention to how I deliver my directions as well as positive reinforcement.

  3. Lea N. says:
    Five Stars

    This course has influenced my approach to classroom management. I have learned a few new techniques to try in my classroom. I also realize that some of the ways I was handling discipline in my classroom were less than ideal. It made me evaluate my style and try to make some changes immediately. I also have taken some of these suggestions in my personal life. My daughter just turned 2 and we are going through the "terrible 2's" and the ways to handle discipline issues presented in this course have been going well at home.

  4. Hannah S. says:
    Five Stars

    This course has given me a different perspective on classroom management. I feel I could use some of their strategies in my class as well.

  5. Victoria C. says:
    Five Stars

    There are two key strategies that I plan to practice in the future. First is to approach giving directions with the following expectations: Directions happen once, all students make the effort to understand directions, and directions are followed. I have really begun to stick to this approach. I explain directions, expect that everyone is listening, ask a few students to repeat the directions back to me, and do not repeat directions for those who were not paying attention. They must ask other students for instructions, not me. I have begun to see a shift with this approach. The more I stick to it, the fewer students try to get me to repeat myself. The second strategy that I plan to practice is the use of expectation cues. When I expect students to stop what they are doing, and pay attention, I have been using the phrase "eyes and ears up here." Students are beginning to recognize this as a cue. Additionally, I do not begin speaking until everyone else has stopped talking. With this cue, my wait-time is lessening.

  6. David F. says:
    Five Stars

    This course has taught me the negatives of extrinsic rewards. There have been so many instances where I have used, and have seen others use rewards like candy or homework passes, in order to correct a stundet's behavior. This class has taught me to use positive recognition, rather than quick-fix rewards.

  7. Esther J. says:
    Five Stars

    For me, this class has reinforced the importance of setting expectations, and being clear in those expectations. It has also reinforced the importance of consistency. Prior to this course however, I did not quite recognize the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, and how important recognizing this difference is. I don't tend to use bribes, incentives, or gimmicks, because I feel that students should do their work and behave appropriately without these things, but I didn't quite grasp the extreme negative affect that these things can have on student behavior. Lastly, moving forward, I sincerely plan to make learning in my classroom more about the process rather than the end result.

  8. Sandra P. says:
    Five Stars

    I have certainly learned the importance of giving students clear directions and having concrete expectations. I think I will always make sure my directions are clear and students know exactly what guidelines to follow in the classroom. I also see that certain common practices in the classroom can actually have negative effects on a student. Things like using bribes or gimmicks usually backfire in the long run.

  9. Robert D. says:
    Five Stars

    Both the Transformative Classroom Management and the Pos Behavior Intervention courses persuaded me to confront classroom challenges in a productive way. I thank you for that.

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