Autism Awareness

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Autism AwarenessIt’s Autism Awareness month and I’ve been thinking about what awareness really means. Does it mean just knowing that there’s a condition called autism? There has to be more to it than that. As teachers, we need to “know” not only about what autism is but also how we can integrate or accommodate a child who has autism in our classrooms.

It means to understand the strengths of students with autism and to help them grow in those areas. It also means being aware of their struggles and providing an environment that’s comfortable for them.

We have a great course for teachers called Introduction to Autism with lots of strategies and ideas for teachers. Play your part in autism awareness by talking this course and equipping yourself. And the best part is that if you buy it before the end of this month, the self study version is available at 1/2 price.

Take a course, make a difference!

What does “autism awareness” mean to you?

Learn More… Take this course: Introduction to Autism

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