Big Changes, and Small Choices

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Summer is over, and now it’s fall. Change. Transformation. It reminds me of the changes I’d like to see. In my classroom, and my students.

I read something recently, that  got me thinking. The writer was saying that instead of thinking about transformations and change as being something huge, we need to consider any situation asking ” What is the best choice that can be made right now?” For example,  wanting all my students to improve their grades by 30% may seem like a lofty goal. But, the question is – what is one thing I can do in class next hour that will help  every student to learn?

Change is really about making choices. Let’s teach our students to make small choices that will help them grow. And let’s model by making small choices that will help us become better teachers.

What small choices can you make today that can help drive big change? 

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3 Responses to “Big Changes, and Small Choices”
  1. Marcy Prager says:

    One change is to start using the “growth mindset” language with students to help them overcome the daily challenges of the curriculum. “I know this is hard and it can be frustrating. Working hard is part of being a student.” “You worked hard writing this chapter book. Your detailed writing helps other readers know more about the Japanese culture.” I never tell children they are smart. I encourage the work hard equals success language. Read the book Mindset by Carol Dweck to learn more.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Marcy!

  3. Leah says:

    I go into each day asking myself “how can I be indispensable where I am at today?” , during those moments when I usually become lax, I now find myself reaching out a little more, engaging with the students a little farther, studying to improve my teaching strategy, and I am hearing positive feedback from other teachers in response…. Working the sub market while I am wanting a full-time position had left me discouraged and quietly withering in my professional edge.. Asking this question has renewed my sense of mission in being the best teacher I can be.

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