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Check Out the New Blog Capital letters in CommunicationWe are in a time period where teaching practices have evolved and technology is taking a greater and more important role in the process of education. This has us laying aside some of the more traditional practices and integrating newer and more efficient ideas. I encourage you to give some intentional thought to that which we are casting aside.

One of the things that struck me recently was the lack of capital letters in our communications.

I recently visited the website for one of my favorite national retailers to discover that they have eliminated the capital letters from their design. Now, maybe it’s the former typing teacher in me, but I was not only put-off, I was irked. For some reason this comes across to me as a lack of respect…a feeling as if I don’t warrant the time it would take them to pause and use “proper” punctuation.

I get that the lack, or elimination, of capital letters stems from our quick text messaging, Twitter, Facebook chatting and such. What I don’t get is how or if we are to respond. Do we accept this as a change in culture and an evolution of language, or do we stay true to “old school ways” and continue to follow the traditional (and correct!) usage of language?

Even if this is becoming an accepted norm in today’s society, will you continue to expect correct capitalization from the students you teach?

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3 Responses to “Capital Letters in Communication”
  1. Connie says:

    As learning disabled teacher I wish that the double spacing between sentences would return. Many people have focusing problems and the spaces are helpful in recognizing he end of the thought.

  2. That makes a lot of sense!

  3. Adelashi says:

    WECAN NOT ELIMINATE THE USE OF CAPITAL LETTERS! Children must be taught Proper/Standard English and grammar first and foremost. After you learn the basics them you can alter YOUR use.

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