Creating Effective Differentiated Curriculum

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Utilize these principals to shake up your teaching methods. Inspire students to learn by offering individualized learning methods in the classroom. The result could be life changing for a student.

One of the biggest challenges that teachers face is finding ways to individualize their teaching for all of their students…

For many, the concept of individualized teaching or differentiated teaching seems unreachable. It is a big task to help each and every student achieve to the best of their abilities. It is important to understand the significance that a teacher has when they take the time to help every student excel. It might take work, but the reward of knowing every student has been given the best opportunity is worth the effort. The following are a few principles to get you started:

  1. Know Yourself and Your Teaching Style

As teachers, we need to be aware of our natural teaching styles. It is recommended to begin with a process of self-reflection. Once you understand the teaching style that you prefer and often choose, it is important to then intentionally add different styles of teaching so that you are giving well-rounded lessons for every student.

  1. Understand Your Student’s Learning Styles

Gain an understanding of each of your students’ learning styles and needs and promote a community of learners, respectful of one another’s strengths and differences. Once you are able to identify the learning styles of your students you are able to be more effective with your teaching.

  1. Supportive Strategies

Using teaching methodologies and strategies that promote the maximum degree of success for students of all learning styles means we must have well established pedagogical tools that are effective across the different learning styles. The simplest way to ensure a group of students with diverse learning styles succeeds is to incorporate pedagogical practices that promote cross-type success.

  1. Teach EveryStyle

Be mindful and respectful of the students’ needs from every learning style. As we become more aware of our own preferences, it is common to discover that the students who have the same learning style as we do are thriving more in the class. It is important to use differentiated learning techniques so that every student has the same learning opportunities.

  1. Use Every Students’ Strengths

Providing opportunities for students to work within their strengths is a great way to encourage them to want to learn. Obviously it is impossible for every student to like one form of assignment or project, but if you have many styles that you practice it will give every student a chance to thrive. Remember, even within the different learning styles each student has different strengths, preferred modes, and activities in which they feel most comfortable.

The classroom may seem large and you may only be comfortable with one strategy of teaching, but take the time to explore different teaching and learning styles. Through differentiated learning every student is given the opportunity to succeed and enjoy learning, which is what makes teaching worth it.

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