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Check Out the New Blog Did you know that text messaging was first invented by cell phone carriers to let customers know about problems with their networks? As people started using it, they discovered that text messages could be used to communicate with one another. Yep, that’s how this text messaging frenzy all got started. It’s really rather fascinating to me to discover so many services and products that today have become common and popular through “unintended uses.”

A kind of silly example is one of the latest applications of Scotch tape. You know the stuff, clear cellophane and sticky. No, I’m not talking about the craze of duct tape wallets and belts but rather actual sculpture art created by using tape. Seriously, someone came up with the idea to use tape to create sculpture, and now it is a well-developed art form?

This emphasizes the need to embrace the new, try the “unintended” and really think outside the box. How can we do the same in our teaching? Can you come up with “unintended” ways of using or re-using activities, projects or even crafts to teach? Instead of doing that which is common, try something different. And remember, our students always love anything that doesn’t look like schoolwork!

What are some of the really creative ideas that you have implemented or come across in your teaching career?

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