Free Online Libraries Every Teacher MUST Know About!

It’s always hard to find books that you can give to every student in your classroom. Libraries just don’t have enough copies, and it can be expensive to buy one for all your students. Did you consider an online library which allows free downloads. Here are a few libraries you can browse for some really great reading material!

The Free Library
Offers curriculum-based free access to books to students preparing to enter high school.

The University of Pennsylvania
Provides students free access to more than one million books on multiple subjects.

Gad & Birgit Rausing Library
Encourages students to access digital books that have been indexed in subject-wise categories.

Churchill Archive for Schools EBSCOPost
Enables both students and teachers at the high school level to access the free online library of books related to curriculum based subjects.

Arizona State University
Allows online and distance education students to access, borrow, renew or request access to curriculum-based subjects.

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