How can I use Progressive Drills to Improve Student Learning?

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Check Out the New Blog Practicing a skill helps improve student learning.One of the ways to improve student learning is by progressive drills. Drill is the repetition of a single task. Research shows that repetitive drills build strong pathways and expand the surrounding area of the brain.

Practicing a skill reinforces the mental connections in the brain required to execute it as the brain stays engaged as long as required to handle each drilled task. As repetition communicates the importance assigned to a task, the brain recruits additional cells to record it. The brain’s natural capacities adapt quickly and permanently to establish each new related skill action.

Good cognitive skills training takes advantage of the power of progressive drills that engage the brain’s natural capacity to recruit and construct new connections and continually process new tasks and information. The weak functions of the brain get retrained and actually begin to expand through recruitment of more passive areas. Weaknesses turn into strengths.

Furthermore, skills learned in early levels of training can be expanded through higher, more progressive, levels while repetition guarantees success and produces rapid, lasting changes.

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