How can I use QR codes to enhance learning in the classroom?

Check Out the New Blog qr codes in the classroomThe Quick Response (QR code) is a tool that promotes active learning. The QR code is a digital image or a barcode that takes you to a particular destination when scanned.  These can be easily created and can be read by a smart phone with camera facility and a downloaded QR code reader application.

Benefits of QR codes in the classroom:
The QR code helps to facilitate student engagement and ensure that they have access to the right material. With the huge number of websites that are not child friendly, use of QR codes prevents accidents where students access inappropriate sites. It also makes things easier by eliminating the need to type of large website addresses. The codes are a quick, reliable, time saving and friendly method for immediate viewing of educational content.

Generating and Reading QR codes:
QR codes can be generated easily and for free using online software and websites. They can be read by downloading software on mobile phones or other devices. Teachers planning to use this technology may need to obtain permission for using cellphones or other devices in the classroom, and also for students to download apps or software to read  QR codes.
Using QR codes to enhance learning:
Here are some engaging uses of QR codes within the classroom:
QR hunt:  Divide the students into groups and have a code hunt. Each code will be a clue to the next one and the group that finds the last one can be the winner. You can also hide the questions in the code, so that the group which is able to find and answer the entire questions wins.

QR stations: The classroom is divided into stations with different codes, each of which will lead the students to a different destination like an article, information, worksheet etc. Students are asked to pick a chit which decides which QR station they will be working at; for the class. This can either be done as a group work or in pairs and prevents crowding of students at a particular station.

QR codes for instruction: Following instructions can be made easy with the use of QR codes. These codes can be placed near the door so that students scan and save them in their devices before exiting the class. The same can be followed for the additional reading and writing assignments that should be completed. You can place the codes for these additional learning at the end of the lesson and ask the students to prepare on the content for the next class.

QR worksheets:  We have progressed from paper pen multiple choices to, answering the same on the computer. So why not try QR worksheets. The multiple choices are in the form of QR codes and students should scan through all the choices before choosing the right one. This allows for automated correction of the worksheets also. Another method to this is to hide the right answers within the codes at the end of the worksheet. Once the student completes the worksheets, he can scan the codes to see if his answer is right. This helps in facilitating self directed learning.

Encouraging sharing: Encourage students to create QR codes for the materials they have read and add it to the original content, kind of like creating an online library. Students can also create and paste in codes for material they want to share with the class, thereby allowing everyone to benefit from the resources.
Discuss here: How do you envision using QR codes in the classroom?

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  1. Ian Hancock says:

    Just posted an article on my blog about using QR codes when doing a school art gallery of student’s work saved throughout the year. Inspired by another teacher who did them with her students. Check it out!



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