How Can I Use Two-Way Notebooks to Communicate with my Students’ Parents?

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Check Out the New Blog HowCanIUseTwoWayNotebookstoCommunicatewithmyStudentsParentsA two-way notebook is a spiral notebook that travels from school to home and back with both teacher and parent observations/comments. It can be a very effective way to communicate with highly concerned parents.

This type of communication can take significant teacher time. Teachers may opt to use the two-way notebook only in special situations. Some may decide to use this type of parent contact for each student but only use it on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. It can be a big commitment to maintain this level of communication.

This type of give and take engages parents and helps them to feel heard, knowing that their child is being carefully monitored. The student is also keenly aware of the teacher-parent communication and feels more accountable. The notebook should be used to communicate student successes and not just challenges.

Also, since the book may fall into anyone’s hands, it is wise to be discrete in what is being shared here.

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