How can Loading be used as a Strategy to Improve Learning Skills?

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Check Out the New Blog Loading Strategy to Improve Learning SkillsWhile working with students in order to improve their learning skills, it is important to understand the working of the brain and improve the capacity of the brain to process information.

The brain is designed perfectly to process, associate, evaluate, and store or discard a large quantity of incoming information. Loading involves structuring multiple simultaneous tasks.

In order to improve learning skills, loading principles may be used in every series of sequenced drills.

For instance, a student may be required to count by three on beat to the sound of a metronome (counting every other beat) and at the same time listen and respond to the trainer’s instructions.

Drills like these take a good deal of concentration as well as the ability to successfully divide attention between multiple tasks: to calculate, to create association, and to communicate — all at once. Exercises such as this literally force the brain to fire up multiple connections and recruit neurons to handle the task and all this activity leads to lasting, dramatic changes in learning capacity.

Loading is a powerful tool used to expand a student’s capacity to think quickly and accurately while accomplishing complicated tasks. A student who masters sequenced tasks involved with loading and distraction has dramatically expanded their attention skills and capacity to learn.

Heavily loaded training procedures become a valuable measure of feedback as a student’s progress is tracked and are the ultimate evidence of big, fast changes.

What are some creative ways through which you can use the strategy of loading to improve learning skills?

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