Integration of M-learning in the Classroom

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Integration of M-learning in the Classroom

Statistics from last few years have recorded an upward trend in use of mobile learning, or M-Learning, in the classroom due to ready acceptance of this learning approach by students. Research has shown that students are more motivated and invested in learning when relevant tools are used – in this case, smartphones – and these are some ways in which teachers can integrate smartphones into the learning process:

  • Mobile Polls: Conduct a mobile poll at the start of the class. For example, instead of asking students to raise their hands in answer to questions, such as, “how many of you have read yesterday’s portion,” teachers can instruct students to fill out an online poll using their smartphones. This will give teachers a rough estimate about the percentage of students who have come prepared to class. Similar mobile polls can also be conducted for making various class decisions.
  • Real-Time Interaction: Teachers can instruct students to post their questions or queries on their classroom Twitter or social media pages. These questions can be viewed in real time by connecting a smart board, and teachers can redirect the lecture to answer questions without interrupting the class.
  • Online Quiz: Students can be instructed to use their smartphones to access and complete an online quiz. These quizzes can be conducted at the beginning, during and/or at the end of class. Teachers can instantly view answers and assess student learning.
  • Research Activities: To liven up lectures, teachers can group students and instruct them to use their devices to look up and view videos or research information related to the topic.
  • Use QR codes: Design and use QR codes to unlock information. These codes can be hidden all around the classroom or even the school building, and student groups can be instructed to find each code and unlock the information.
  • Reminders and Alerts: Students can use their smartphones to set reminders and alerts about tests, submission dates, and homework. This information can also be circulated in class groups.
  • Flipped Classroom: Teachers can prepare audio clips of their lectures and send them to the class. Students can listen to these lectures using their smartphones and collaborate and concentrate on practical work in class.
  • Note-taking System: Students can use their smartphones to record information during field trips. Audio and video features of smartphones help in recording information clearly and efficiently.

These are just some ways of using mobile learning in the classroom. Mobile learning is a vast and complex learning approach, and there are many more creative ideas that can be applied through smartphones in the classroom.

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