iPads in the Classroom

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Check Out the New Blog iPadsintheClassroomThis week has been exciting as we are launching a new course “iPads in the Classroom.” The very fact that we need an entire course about how we can integrate a particular type of technology in the classroom says a lot about how we have grown as an educational community. Teachers know that just handing over technology to students doesn’t impact learning.

As we understand and learn more about how technology works in the classroom, we realize that it can only open up possibilities. It’s up to teachers to understand technology and push learning innovation to new heights. It’s all about providing opportunities for students to “lead” and “own” the learning process. Technology involves and enables us to more effectively plan and add value to the time in the classroom. At the end of the day, iPads in the classroom requires each of us to be fluent in using technology for our own learning.

How do you think iPads and tablets can change the way students learn in a classroom?

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