Is Daily Review Important?

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Check Out the New Blog IsDailyReviewImportantSome teachers begin each class with a short review of what was studied in the previous class. This is an excellent practice. Neurophysiological studies show that one of the important components of learning is repetition or practice which helps to strengthen the connections of the wiring in the brain. This helps in retaining information or learning.

When certain key concepts learned in a previous class are reinforced through review before continuing the subject, this helps remind students of what they learned and develops a concrete base for their learning. This important component of classroom teaching can be helpful in all subject areas. Daily review has proven to be effective in learning vocabulary as well as math concepts.

In the Classroom:

The problem of inculcating the practice of daily review occurs when too much time is spent on what was learned in the previous class and when every point is reiterated. The skill lies in understanding what to review and how to use the time efficiently. At the beginning of each class, a period of 5-10 minutes can be spent in this practice.

When applying this practice in the classroom, two questions must be considered:

What should be reviewed?

  • Key concepts, important words, math or science formulae and other such information that you want the students to remember
  • Homework and corrections
  • Problem areas faced by the students

How can I make daily review interesting?

  • Use of creative ways to help students remember what they learned e.g.: Flash cards, pop quizzes, games that involve newly learned words or facts, calendar math, etc.
  • Use of mnemonics to remember difficult sequences

When used correctly, beginning each class with a short review can make every class more effective and learning more achievable.

Discuss here: What are some strategies you have used for daily review in your classroom?

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One Response to “Is Daily Review Important?”
  1. Katrina says:

    Often learned information is needed to progress. Why couldn’t daily review be integrated with the application of the information and with new learned information, or at least integrated with enrichment. That way students who easily remember gain more knowledge which helps them remember, and slowere learners gain repetition in an environment that facilitates transfer.

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