Individualized Student-Teacher Conferences

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How to Use STUDENT-TEACH Conferences Effectively

Learn why Student-Teacher Conferences are important and why you should be using them in your classroom. This form of student-teacher communication opens many doors to excellence in the classroom.

What are Student-Teacher Conferences?

Student-Teacher Conferences are a one-on-one forum that allows both the student and teacher to mutually discuss their concerns, feedback and goals. The duration can vary from a short meeting (3-5 minutes) to a longer meeting (5-15 minutes), depending on the points that need to be addressed. The many benefits of Student-Teacher Conferences makes it a very important and an essential strategy to be incorporated within the classroom.

Why are Student-Teacher Conferences important?

Good communication is essential in every classroom. It is crucial for the development of an effective student-teacher relationship.Defined as individualized meetings between the student and teacher, Student-Teacher Conferences play a vital role in discussing the needs, requirements and progress of the student. In a time when connecting with students is no easy task, these conferences can be a lifesaver.

Here are some of the reasons why Student-Teacher Conferences are important in the classroom:

  • The teacher can set clear expectations and goals for the student
  • The teacher gains feedback from the students
  • The teacher gains a better understanding of each student and is able to focus on the areas that need more assistance
  • The teacher demonstrates various individualized study strategies to assist with learning
  • The teacher can monitor each student’s progress
  • The student can self reflect and critique their own work
  • The student can seek clarification or assistance with their learning
  • The student becomes accountable for their learning and performance
  • The student can set attainable goals and work towards achieving them

Student-Teacher Conferences can be a helpful tool in the classroom when used effectively. These four tips will allow the best results out of these conferences:

  1. Create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for the student and conduct the discussion in a friendly manner
  2. Understand that the purpose of the conference is to ensure that it is mutually benefiting both for the student and teacher
  3. Address 1-2 specific problems which the student can work on and provide the required guidance
  4. Instill the student with confidence and encourage them to realize their own self-worth and abilities

Student-Teacher Conferences are a powerful strategy that enable teachers to build a relationship with each student, address their needs, state their expectations and above all help students to attain their potential and work towards academic excellence.

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