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Check Out the New Blog Our role as teachers often requires us to talk more than listen. And there are times when we get so used to teaching and explaining, that we forget to listen. It’s important to remember that we have two ears and one mouth. Perhaps this is so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.

Sometimes teachers ask a question and answer it themselves before the students can really think and respond themselves. Other times teachers may give too many instructions without providing opportunities for students to explore a bit and discover for themselves. Consider your own style of teaching and listening.

Instead of being busy talking and explaining, what are your suggestions for doing more listening to provide students with the time they need to think, observe, watch or find surprises?

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  1. I use “wait time” often in my classroom in order to allow students space to think through a response, especially the quieter ones. When we’re doing whole class meetings I will sometimes sit outside the circle in order to allow students to be responsible for their own discussions, as appropriate. I find that this helps me stay outside of the conversation. When a student is taking a long time responding I will often say, “Do you need time or help?” This helps keep the conversation in their court not mine.

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