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When it comes to making decisions, it’s not always easy for me to decide. For example, this week, we have a great new online course that teachers in many states could use to renew their license and help teach students college and career ready skills. We have to let teachers know about this, right?

So how do you decide what to teach? When you have lots of different ideas on how you can present a topic, how do you make a decision? It’s helpful to think about the big picture of things. Which of these will have the greatest long term impact? It also helps to think about what you have been doing all this while and maybe go with the idea that is different.

Back to my decision, I’m doing both and will now tell you about this new course. Project management skills are highly valued in today’s work environment and teachers can bring these skills into the classroom. Our aim- teaching teachers to build project management skills through activities in the classroom, right from elementary and all the way through high school.

We are excited to launch it this week, so do take a couple minutes and look at our new course.

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