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Bring Guided Reading into the classroom with these helpful ideas.

Creating independent readers and thinkers is every teacher’s goal. In order to achieve this, teachers can help students develop these skills by using the Guided Reading Approach.

Guided Reading is an instructional approach where a teacher works with a small group of students who demonstrate similar reading behaviors and can all read similar levels of texts. The teacher can assign assignments and activities based on their reading level. The teacher also plays a vital role guiding the students to a better level of reading and understanding.

The desired result of a Guided Reading program is to see students learn crucial skills such as reading, understanding, writing, critical thinking, problem solving and communication. These skills are essential across all subjects, levels of education and real-life situations. Being well equipped in these skills will help students develop a strong foundation for all learning.

Teachers can think creatively to help develop these basic skills within their students.Here are a few suggestions to encourage learning in the classroom:

  • Leveled books: Use a leveling system that is well researched and reliable to help students improve and work their way up in reading.
  • A magnetic whiteboard with dry markers: Students can use these items to practice spelling and other activities.
  • Magnetic letters: These can be used with the magnetic whiteboards to provide a new way to work on vocabulary.
  • Whisper phones: Students can be given small PVC pipes so that they can whisper-read to themselves.
  • Record system: Folders and files with index cards can be used very effectively to maintain records of student progress.
  • Use apps and online tools: Most students are “digital natives” who are very comfortable with technology. Use this by assigning online games, e-books and also online assessment tests.

When teachers take the time to initiate guided reading activities in the classroom, learning can become a fun and positive experience.

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