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A lot of schools and districts today are seriously considering STEM and how they can bring STEM into their classrooms. STEM programs help students gain skills in the application of science, technology, engineering and math. These programs can often be complex and challenging and include exciting projects like building robots, cars and other gadgets. If your school does not have the funding for an extensive STEM program, it doesn’t mean that you can’t start now.

STEM is not about big exhibitions or rocket science. It’s about helping students build and invent things using what you have already taught them in the classroom. If you have not already done a STEM project in your classroom, I challenge you to do one soon. Do research on the internet and find low cost, but fun projects that are suitable for your students. From small robots made from old cans to phone chargers- it’s not too hard to find and do your own simple STEM project. Use it as an opportunity to refresh your students knowledge of physics concepts, math calculations and chemistry equations. And if you want to learn more, consider taking the PLB STEM course that is available on our website.

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